Computer Classes and Staff Training in the Carson Valley

Staff Training

Work smarter not harder.

Updating your staff's skills one Workshop at a time.


Businesses budget for updated software but rarely invest in training their staff to use the new software correctly and efficiently. Staff falls further and further behind in knowing how to use the newest features of programs they utilize daily. If businesses do provide training to their staff, they find themselves sending them back over and over again. That’s because most day-long trainings advertise a “hands-off training” approach. Adult learners need to actively participate, not just listen.

We offer hands-on training. All participants will be provided a computer station to try the features they are learning. With small class sizes and live-instructor support, our Workshops are a great way to update your staff’s skills in a small amount of time.

Smarter Staff Training also provides customized trainings to suit your needs. Forms, data tracking sheets, reports, and more can be developed and then taught to your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. How-to's can be provided so if your business has any turn over, new employees will have the information they need to hit the ground running. 

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